Creating a new, large scale trade show booth that can be adapted to any event is quite the task, but our team at Art of the Event was up to the challenge! With a small team of producers and fabricators, I designed a booth with flexibility and scale in mind.

"Meet Boston" trade show booth Side A: Tech & Glow

This trade show booth was designed to blend the historic and modern tech sides of Boston, while being completely modular.
Booth Features:
• 8’x8’x4’ lockable closet with custom graphic surround and detachable 4’ topper to add height
• Lockable cabinets
• Custom hanging sign to feature your branding and LED lighting
• Brick textures, a modern CNC cutout logo wall, and white furniture bring a look that combines
elements of old “historical” and new “tech” Boston
• Meeting spaces with high-tops and stools
• Two Android tablet desks and four TV monitors for digital content
• Columns and desks include interior lighting, and larger pieces include small spotlights
• Each side of each column, wall, and desk are individually brandable and customizable
• Fully modular - items can be arranged to fit any size booth

"Meet Boston" Trade show booth design Side B: Parks & Arts

Entice trade show attendees into modern Boston with your dynamic, multi layered trade show booth featuring images of all it has to offer! Large-scale branded elements highlighting Boston’s architectural landmarks and bustling up and coming neighborhoods are featured throughout this functional design. Elements of LED lighting, embedded monitors and touch screen, interactive tables allow representatives to engage guests with visuals and specific content, while also highlighting the city’s technological advances and growing innovation.
Elements within the booth are designed for dual purpose, giving great visual impact with full color printed graphics whilst hiding additional storage. Shelving is built in to each desk and counter top space to hold collateral and other table top displays. A large lockable closet offers needed space for personal items and storage. Additional collateral displays will be customized to your specific needs and can be freestanding or table top.
As attendees meet at the large welcome desk, they can be checked in for a specific meeting time or be whisked away to one of the high top tables found throughout the booth for a more personalized interviews. As guests move through and around the booth they will find the atmosphere shift from modern tech and architectural elements to a fresh and inviting green space highlighting Boston's commitment to engaging parks and outdoor activities throughout the city. Imagery showcasing notable green spaces of the Emerald Necklace as they highlight our beautiful New England seasons. We encourage the inclusion of live plants in this area - Boston Ferns being the most appropriate— but we are happy to offer suggestions for alternatives as well.
Each side of this dynamic booth offers something for everyone— both visually as well as functionally— for Meet Boston and its partners to illustrate how Boston never gets old!!
Programs used: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dimension, Apple Keynote
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