During the Covid lockdowns, local businesses needed to continue to operate safely to stay afloat and serve their communities. My Safe Meeting was a small business established with the goal of providing safety products and installations to facilities. As public places began to re-open, they continued to provide gear such as plexiglass installations and sanitizing stations to companies, events, and other clients throughout the greater Boston area.
I worked with a small team of designers, fabricators, and small business owners to create a website and marketing campaigns for My Safe Meeting. I designed a website, edited videos, created custom illustrations, animated their logo, designed and edited one-sheets, created email blasts, and did photo editing and compositing, keeping all of it on-brand and on-message.
Web Site Design:
Ads for Facebook & LinkedIn:
Photo Editing & Compositing:
One-Sheets & E-mail Blasts:
Product Demonstration Videos (video editing):
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